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Ina Earlene Fisher wins Klamut Award

December 20, 2016
Ina Earlene Fisher Wins Prestigious Klamut AwardIna Earlene Fisher has received the prestigious Klamut award. The Klamut award is given to entrepreneurs that start and fund organizations that help at-risk youth and point them in the right direction by providing money and tutors for STEM subjects.

Ms. Fisher is receiving the award for her work as the head of the JJ Initiative. The JJ Initiative was founded by Ms. Fisher as a way to get at risk youth off of the streets and into an environment that was safe and intellectually stimulating.  The program also helps by tutoring the kids to prepare them for SATs, ACTs, and college.

Originally started in her hometown in Ohio, The JJ Initiative has expanded to over fifteen cities in the united states. It has placed over 200 students in colleges across the country. While it is too early to have hard numbers, the graduation rate is an impressive 30% with new programs being added to help these youth stay in college and deal with an environment many have never encountered before.

While there are a few paid staffers, almost all are volunteers coming from the ranks of retired programmers, STEM teachers, and private business. A 2014 audit showed that 93% of all money went back into the organization with the remaining 7% to cover office and a small staff.

Ina Earlene Fisher does not take a salary as the head of the organization.
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