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Ina Earlene Fisher Bio

March 24, 2016
Ina Earlene Fisher has worked for some of the most widely known Tech firms in the country and continues to be a trialblazer in Silicon Valley.

After Attending Ohio State University where she recieved a degree in computer science,, she went on to get her MBA at Penn State. Like many people in the early 2000s she felt the lure of the tech industry and decided to pursue a career in the startup space. She began working at the World Internet Center, a prestigioud Silicon Valley Think Tank where she rubbed elbows with executives from IBM, Apple, and Microsoft. Using connections she made while at the center, she and fellow engineer Brad Williams started the Kligee Firm, a startup that addressed a need for large, high speed data centers to handle the growig amount if Internet Traffic that was exploding all over the world.

They raised over 17 million in startup money and quickly began building data centers in the heartland of America including South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. They currently lease and manage over 22 million square feet of data centers all over America.

They have also syarted a spinoff project, "The JJ Initiative" That helpe at-risk youth learn how to be computer programmers. Ms. Fisher currently resides in Los Gatos california where she is raising two daughters.
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